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Wonders & Worries follow-up

A Wonders & Worries representative came to our November meeting to share more about the organization. Several Rollingwood families have used their services and speak very highly of their programs. Ways you can help:

- Refer a family who could benefit from their services

- Attend an upcoming event: The Wonders & Worries Unmasked Gala is coming up Friday February 22, 2019.

- Make a blanket to provide comfort for a child or teen

- Make a donation

  • $500 = 3 treatment center tours for children and teens in the program

  • $250 = 20 books to help kids learn to cope and talk about their emotions and questions

  • $100 = 1 therapeutic session for a child or teen

  • $50 = 1 individualized parent consult with professional staff

  • $25 = All items to build 1 personal coping kit for a child or teen

Wonders & Worries is an Austin-based nonprofit with five offices in Central Texas, which provides free, professional mental health support to children and teenagers during a parent’s serious illness.

To learn more, please visit their website

For questions about referring families to Wonders & Worries, please contact Nicole at

For questions about giving or events contact Heather at

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