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Wine & Cheese Meeting Minutes (Sept. 2019)

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. We had a lot of fun! If you weren't able to be there, we missed you! You can catch up on the announcements below:

Past President Kelly Dixon opened the meeting welcoming everyone.

Kelly explained at our last meeting in May we voted in the new Board but did not have anyone to serve as President. Over the summer, Marnie Fitzgerald offered to volunteer for the role. Debbie Dillon made a motion to nominate Marnie Fitzgerald for President. Bunny Michel seconded the motion. The motion passed. Thank you Marnie Fitzgerald!

President Marnie Fitzgerald continued on with the meeting by thanking Lesli Reese for hosting!

Marnie then introduced the 2019-2020 officers:

• President - Marnie Fitzgerald

• Membership - Christina Lobes

• Program Director - Kelly Peck

• Treasurer - Jessica Garcia

• Secretary - Natasha Harris

• Hospitality - Tracy Steingold

• Special Events Coordinator - Macey Delcambre

• Historian - Shanthi Jayakumar & Becky Kittleman

• Parliamentarian - Melissa Morrow

• Past President - Kelly Dixon

Marnie asked everyone to please officially join the RWC by paying the $20 dues. These dues go towards the operational costs of hosting meetings, hosting events, gifts to the staff at City Hall and more. Paid members can enter a drawing for a raffle tonight. Winners will be notified by email after the meeting.

Marnie requested that if anyone has a complaint, suggestion, idea, and/or fundraising event for RWC to please write them on a slip of paper and put them in the suggestion bucket.

Marnie continued with additional announcements:

- RWC is in need of two positions: 5K Chair (or other style of fundraising event) and the Fundraising position. Please talk to Marnie if interested.

- Our Philanthropic meeting will be held in November at Bunny Michel’s home and will feature Saint Louise House.

- We will hold our “voting meeting” in January at City Hall. Any proposals for spending should be prepared in advance so that we can post the requests on our website for members to read and review before the January meeting.

- Please join our monthly meetings. The schedule can be found on the website. We promise to keep these meetings fun social events for all!

Marnie thanked everyone for coming and closed the business potion of the meeting.

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