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October Minutes

RWC Meeting

Oct 26, 2021

At the home of Isabel DelBlanco at 404 Riley

President Marnie Fitzgerald called the meeting to order and thanked the hostess, Isabel

DelBlanco. There were about 65 members in attendance. She noted that this was the first

regular RWC meeting since February 2020.

There were no minutes from the previous meeting to read. There was no treasurer’s report.

Since it had been so long since our last meeting, there were too many new members to

introduce themselves but said they would be introduced at the next meeting. Marnie

encouraged members to pay dues which continue to be $20 a year. Cash and check are

accepted, but dues can be paid on the website, too. Because we haven’t been able to have

fundraising events, RWC events like Christmas Party and Trail of Lights, Egg Hunt Sat before

Easter, Fourth of July Parade will have to be funded by dues and donations. She pointed

members to a sign-up board to participate in future events. She requested hosts for the

November, February, March and April meetings. Introduced the Board.

President-- Marnie Fitzgerald

Membership Chair— Kelly Peck

Secretary— Kelly Dixon

Hospitality-- Eliza Schindler

Special Events-- Macey Delcambre

Parliamentarian— Melissa Greenwood

Historian— Shanthi Jayakumar

Thanked Macey for her special efforts on the 4th of July and presented her with a gift certificate

for a massage.

Shanthi spoke about the life of long time Rollingwood resident and RWC member, Flo Macklin

who died last month at 93.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be Monday Nov 15th 7pm at the home of Kelly Dixon.

Submitted by Kelly Dixon

Approved by Marnie Fitzgerald

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