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Oct. Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting. We ate a lot of chocolate! If you weren't able to be there, you can catch up on the announcements below:

President Marnie Fitzgerald opened the meeting thanking our hosts Terra and Mark Schuh.

New members Bridgette Romero and Amy Barton introduced themselves.

Marnie reminded everyone to please pay your $20 dues. If you can’t remember if you paid of not, look on our website to see the list of current members.

If you have an idea, comment, and/or complaint, please put them in the suggestion box.

Bunny Michel made a motion to approve the May and September meeting minutes. Minutes can be found on our website/blog. Kelly Dixon seconded the motion. The motion passed.

There’s a news article about the Women’s Club in this week’s issue of the Picayune. Our emphasis is on more social time and less meeting time, starting tonight!

Marnie shared we need to fill 2 positions: 5k Chair (or other style of fundraising event) and Fundraising position. Please contact Marnie if interested.

Marnie asked for volunteers to help with the food and wine for the Dec. 6 holiday party. The following members volunteered: Catherine Scott, Tami Esson, and Christina Lobes.

Our Philanthropic meeting will be held in November at Bunny Michel’s home. We are featuring Saint Louise House charity. There are 3 ways to participate:

1. We will be adopting a family (mother and children) celebrating in a new home. They’ll provide a wish list. Members can sign up for wish list items.

2. Donating jammies of all sizes/styles

3. Donating stocking stuffers - can be small toys, treats or donating gift cards to common stores like HEB or Walmart.

There will be a page set up on our website with a link to an Amazon Wishlist. Or you can buy/bring gifts to our November meeting.

Morning in the Park is Saturday, Nov. 2 9am-12pm: bring gloves, rakes, etc… we will be spreading mulch. T-shirts available with online registration. Check out our FB Group page for the sign up. This event is hosted by the Park Commission. There will also be a Dog Park pet water fountain dedication that day at noon. You can buy a pet paver. Forms were passed around. Return forms to Coleen Preheim or look on the City website under Parks and you can pay online.

Jackie Bob’s retirement donations are being collected by Shanti or via Venmo @Roseann-Ferraro and are due no later than Oct 31. There is also a link on our FB Group page.

Feliz Navidad the neighborhood Fundraiser for the Police fund will be on Dec. 7.

Programs Chair, Kelly Peck, introduced our speaker: Maggie Louise Callahan of Maggie Louise Confections. Maggie shared her background and story of how she went from practicing law to spreading joy through her chocolate confections. Thank you Maggie for sharing your amazing chocolates with us!

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