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Minutes from Nov 2021

RWC Meeting

November 15, 2021

At the home of

Kelly Dixon at

4816 Rollingwood Dr.

President Marnie Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. There were 25 members in attendance. There were two new members, Emily Nolan, Pari Schacht.

Melissa Morrow made a motion to approve the October 26th minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

Marnie noted that RWC still needed a Treasurer. Currently, RWC has 90 paid members. Many members donated additional funds which give us a bank balance of $3,100.70 including the $416 we raised for the Fourth of July raffle. Holiday gift for 17 employees. Marnie suggests we budget $700 for gifts for holiday gifts for the 17 City employees and police, who **** is coordinating. Elin Wilson proposed the motion and Shanthi Jayakumar seconds. The motion passes.

The next meeting in January, members will vote to disburse funds on proposals to improve and support parks and public spaces. Request form will be on the website on December 1. Melissa noted it’s important to include as much info as possible on proposals.

Sandra Farrell told members that the husband of member Christie Lamb, Paul had passed away. Mary Elizabeth Cofer said she’d make sure a card was sent on behalf of the RWC.

Marnie introduced our speaker Narubi Balam founder of Organic Side Chick who spoke about the benefits of backyards chickens. Her business offers chickens to rent monthly. Mary Elizabeth Cofer won the drawing

Minutes Submitted by Kelly Dixon

Approved by Marnie Fitzgerald

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