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Minutes from Feb 2022: VOTE

RWC Meeting

February 22, 2022

At the Home ofJessica Sandate at

503 Riley Road

President Marnie Fitzgerald called the meeting to order. There were 15 members present. Marnie asked for a motion to approve the previous minutes. Mary Elizabeth Coffer made a motion to approve previous minutes. Macey Delcambre seconded it. Bunny Michele thirded. Minutes from the November 15, 2021 meeting are approved.

There was no treasurer’s report because the roll is currently vacant. RWC currently has $25,000 in the bank which includes dues for 99 members and donations totaling $4,330. Marnie recommends we RWC maintain a bank balance of $12,900 a year to cover annual expenses of the Wine and Cheese Social, Holiday Party, gifts for the City staff, the Rollingwood Trail of Lights and Easter Egg Hunt. Because of the pandemic, RWC hasn’t had a fundraiser nor have it hasn’t gifted any money for city improvement since 2019.

Pizza was ordered from Lover Boy, a new Rollingwood business in the Chinatown Plaza. Marnie announced that Eliza Schindler was stepping down as Hospitality Chair and asked for a replacement which Jessica Sandate volunteered for. Marnie also updated members about RWC’s tax-free status and thanked member Laura Hershfield for filing the necessary paperwork.

Easter Egg Hunt will be April 16, 9am, which will be chaired by Jami Boynen. Jessica and Maggie Broglio volunteered to stuff eggs. There will be a petting zoo, provided by Tiny Tails. Also, there will be double the amount of eggs this year.

The current board’s term will be ending soon, and Marnie asked members to encourage new residents to join and volunteer for the 2022-2023 year. There was talk about ways to reach out to new residents such as having an egg stuffing party at the pavilion, put flyers about meetings into the water bills, reforming a welcoming committee and creation of a nominating committee.

Next on the agenda was a proposal from Rollingwood Parks Commission member Mary Elizabeth Coffer to build a butterfly garden behind the parking lot in Hatley Field. The park would expand existing flowers beds the Park Commission planted last year and would prioritize native plants and combat erosion. The proposal includes two simple benches, plants, mulch and a steel trellis, but does not include labor, plaquing or concrete footings. Funds for outstanding expenses could be voted on a later date. Residents including local students and scout troops would be asked to help build. Bunny makes a motion to vote to allocate $2,738.00 funds on Butterfly Garden pending City Council approval. Jessica seconds it. Motion passes.

Minutes Submitted by Kelly Dixon

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