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Funding request from Parks Commission for Halloween Party

One of the items we will be discussing at our January meeting is a request from the Rollingwood Park Commission for help with underwriting the Halloween party.

The Park Commission hosted the first community Halloween event / Pizza Party in 2018. The purpose of the event was two-fold: community engagement as well as fundraising for the park. The event was very well attended (150 residents/children) but it did not meet expectations for fundraising, due to a variety of reasons. These included using an electronic ticket vendor to make it simple to purchase tickets (Eventbrite) and keeping the ticket prices low ($5 per person). Since the event, a free electronic ticket option has been identified (thank you Marnie!). In order for RPC to continue the event in 2019, ticket prices would have to be increased to cover the costs of the event. RPC is requesting RWC provide funding to underwrite the cost of event next year to allow families to enjoy a fun holiday and raise money for the park. RPC estimates the cost of the event not to exceed $1000.

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