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Funding Request from City for Smartboard/Projection System

One of the items we will be discussing at our January meeting is a request from the city for funding for a Smartboard/Projection System.

The city is considering the following options:

1. Smartboard 75” = $9,173

2. Smartboard 65” = $7,319

3. TV with projection and video conferencing = $3,500

4. TV with projection and no video conferencing = $2,600

- This is needed for presentations and reviewing materials at city council meetings. 

- The current projector is antiquated and much time is lost during meetings as the current projector isn’t big enough for anyone to see or use effectively

- The technology consultants for the city view the TV with projection options as “1990s” technology. 

- The technology consultants recommend a smart screen/touch screen that has more flexible uses.  The smart screen will facilitate meetings at city hall making them more efficient and professional.  The smart screen will especially be helpful as council and commissions are reviewing plans and zoning maps which are too large to view effectively with the current system, for example when discussing the drainage issues within the city. The smartboard will also be more interactive for presenters, citizens, and City Council during presentations.

-The screen will be mobile and can be moved into the new city hall building that is currently being considered. If the new city hall has the dual space area that the city is proposing, the screen can also be used for community events.  

Discussion began on this topic at our Nov. meeting, see details in the minutes:

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