February Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 18th 7-9pm 

at the home of Tricia Dopkins, 3207 Gentry Dr.

Please take the time to review the minutes from our January voting meeting. Some great suggestions were made for better communication between the RW City Council and the residents of RW. You can read the minutes on our blog page here.

From Councilwoman Amy Patillo: Packet info for the 2/19 RW City Council meeting:



"Under the categories of kids/park/safety, the items that jump out to me are items 2, 3, 4, and 18.  There are items that relate to drainage issues in the City at items 9, 15, 16, and 17, and several people told me after the Women's Club meeting that they DO want to know about drainage issues.  Items 25 and 26 relate to sales tax and property tax issues, and item 26 in particular may be of importance to those concerned about the impact to EISD from the County Appraiser's announcement this week that residential appraisals will be frozen for 2020 in response to the Austin Board of Realtors sending a cease and desist notice regarding the use of MLS data for property appraisals - this has the potential to be a fast moving issue with packet updates because the County Appraiser just announced the freeze to school districts on Wednesday and as of Friday had yet to notify our City of the decision in writing.  I would also note that the are 3 presentations scheduled related to City employees in, items 5, 6, and 7, and I hope that if community members are able to attend and support these current and new employees, that they would." - Amy

email to rwcmembers@gmail.com