The Rollingwood Women's Club mission is "to promote friendship and assist in the function of the newly incorporated city" as stated from the original four women members in July 1958. Since then, many fundraising projects, like the 5k Race, have been held to support a common goal; the beautification and growth of Rollingwood.

OUR 2018-2019 OFFICERS

President- Marnie Fitzgerald

Membership- Christina Lobes

Program Director- Kelly Peck

Treasurer- Jessica Garcia

Secretary- Natasha Harris

Hospitality- Tracey Steingold

Special Events Coordinator- Macey Delcambre

Fundraising Chair- ?

Historian- Shanthi Jayakumar/ Becky Kittleman

Parliamentarian- Melissa Morrow



Check back here for updates regarding our Community partners and events:



Rollingwood Park Master Plan


The Rollingwood Community Garden


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